How to configure Instagram Client Id and Instagram Client Secret?

1. Create a Facebook App


Go to click My Apps, and create a new app. Once you have created the app and are in the App Dashboard, navigate to Settings > Basic, scroll the bottom of page, and click Add Platform


Click Register a New Client button


Choose Website, add your website’s URL, and save your changes. You can change the platform later if you wish, but for this tutorial, use Website.


Enter your "Website URL":


Register new client ID


2. Configure Instagram Basic Display


Click Products, locate the Instagram product, and click Set Up to add it to your app.


Register new client ID


Click Basic Display, scroll to the bottom of the page, then click Create New App.


Register new client ID


In the form that appears, complete each section using the guidelines below.


Display Name

Enter the name of the Facebook app you just created.


Valid OAuth Redirect URIs

Enter your website’s URL. Normally this would be a dedicated URI that can capture redirect query string parameters, but for this tutorial your website’s URL will be fine.

Enter your "Redirect URI(s)":


"MODULENAME" - folder name with the module


After you enter a URL, save your changes and check the URL again; we may have appended a trailing forward slash depending your URL structure. Copy the complete URL somewhere since you will need it in later steps to get authorization codes and access tokens.


Deauthorize Callback URL


Enter your website’s URL again. Eventually you will have change this to a URL that can handle deauthorization notifications, but for the purposes of this tutorial, you can re-use your website URL.


Data Deletion Request Callback URL


Enter your website’s URL once again. Just like the Deauthorize Callback URL, you will eventually have change this to a URL that can handle data deletion requests, but for now you can re-use your website URL.


App Review


Skip this section for now since you will not be switching the app to Live Mode during the tutorial.


Copy the Instagram generated "CLIENT ID"and "CLIENT SECRET"




3. Add an Instagram Test User


Navigate to Roles > Roles and scroll down to the Instagram Testers section. Click Add Instagram Testers and enter your Instagram account’s username and send the invitation.


Add Instagram Testers


Open a new web browser and go to and sign into your Instagram account that you just invited. Navigate to (Profile Icon) > Edit Profile > Apps and Websites > Tester Invites and accept the invitation.


Tester Invites


Your Instagram account is now eligible to be accessed by your Facebook app while it is in Development Mode.

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