How to configure customer reminder?

1. Configure settings of the customer reminder


Go to module settings -> Customer Reminder settings


Configure settings of the customer reminder


Here you can configure:


- Enable or Disable Send a review reminder email to customers (If activated, when a customer purchases a product on your shop, an e-mail will be sent to him after X days (specify below after selecting "yes" here) to invite him to rate the product.)


- Delay between each email in seconds (The delay is intended in order to your server is not blocked the email function)


- Number of emails for each cron call (This will reduce the load on your server. The more powerful your server - the more emails you can do for each CRON call!)


- Delay for sending reminder email (We recommend you enter at least 7 days here to have enough time to process the order and for the customer to receive it.)


- Email reminder subject (You can customize the subject of the e-mail here. If you wish to customize the e-mail message itself, you will need to manually edit the files in the "mails" folder inside the "reviewsnippets" module folder, for each language, both the text and the HTML version each time.)


- Send emails only for the orders with the current selected status (This feature prevents customers to leave a review for orders that they haven't received yet. You must choose at least one status.)




2. Import old orders for customer reminder


Go to module settings -> Customer Reminder settings


Import old orders for customer reminder


Here you can:


- select «start date» (Please select a date. All orders placed between that start date and end date (today) will be imported.)


- click «Import old orders» button




3. Configure CRON task for customer reminder


You can configure sending email messages through cron. You have 2 possibilities:


1. You can enter the following url in your browser:{MODULE_NAME}/cron?token={your_cron_token}


2. You can set a cron's task (a recursive task that fulfills the sending of reminders)


The task run every hour:    * */1 * * * /usr/bin/wget -O - -q{MODULE_NAME}/cron?token={your_cron_token}



How to configure a cron task ?


On your server, the interface allows you to configure cron's tasks


About CRON







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"Product reviews simple +" - blockreviews


"Product reviews with Facebook connect, like and twitter" - productreviewfb - this is your site URL


{your_cron_token} - this is your unique token

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