How to configure Fitbit Client ID and Fitbit Client Secret?

We provide free instruction how to configure Fitbit Client Id and Fitbit Client Secret


1. Go to link and login with your credentials

1.1 Enter your Application Name in "Application Name" field.
1.2 Enter your Description in "Description" field.

1.3 Enter your "Application Website":

1.4 Enter your Organization in "Organization" field.

1.5 Enter your "Organization Website"

1.6 Enter your "Terms Of Service Url"

1.7 Enter your "Privacy Policy Url"

1.8 Select "OAuth 2.0 Application Type" = "Server"

1.9 Enter your "Callback URL":

"MODULENAME" - folder name with the module

1.10 Select "Default Access Type" = "Read-Only"

1.11 Check "I have read and agree to the term of service"

1.12 Click "Register" button


create an app


2 Copy the generated "Client ID" and "Client Secret"


Get Application ID AND SECRET

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