How to configure Amazon Client ID?

We provide free instruction how to configure Amazon Client ID


Note: To enable Amazon Connect, Please make sure that "SSL" has enabled on your server


1. Go to




2. Go to section "Application Information" 



Application Information



Fill the "Name" field.


Fill the "Description" field.


Fill the "Privacy Notice URL"


Upload your "Logo Image File". The logo will be automatically resized to 50 x150 pixels. The following formats are accepted: PNG, JPEG, GIF.


Click "Save" button




3. Go to section "Web Settings"


Web Settings



Enter your "Allowed JavaScript Origins":  (WITH HTTPS)


Enter your "Allowed Return URLs":  (WITH HTTPS) 


"MODULENAME" - folder name with the module 

Click "Save" button




4. Copy the generated "Client ID" 



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